130 Teacher stickers

Home school stickers & teacher stickers. 130 stickers to praise children.
These make wonderful stickers for marking and stick well on clothes. Paint or spills won’t ruin these stickers as they are waterproof too!

These children’s reward stickers come in packs of 130 Stickers per sheet. They measure 10mm are glossy, making the colours vibrant.
These modern stickers include stickers with great, smileys, stars, Well Done, Neat, Super, and Hot Work.
These bright, waterproof school stickers add to your class or home marking.

These glossy stickers look great by your ticks or comments, without overpowering and distracting from your pupil’s work.
Measuring just 10mm, these stickers stand out in their praise while complimenting the work you are marking.
They come in gloss and are fully waterproof, so can stand up to accidental art, water or milk spills!